Monday, January 26, 2015

Our DIY Project Based Learing Room

As I have mentioned in previous posts I have been completely changing the way I see homeschooling. We recently had some family visiting for a while so I took the opportunity to take a nice long break from our normal schedule of lessons and activities to let the kids just enjoy the time with their cousin. During this time I was able to take a step back and think about the different things I hoped to accomplish in the New Year.

The Project Based Learning Room was a very important goal I had that I wanted to complete by the end of January. And so here it is in all its glory. For one thing I knew I did not want to spend any money on it. I wanted to make use of what I already had at home to make it cost efficient and easy to complete. As per the location there were two rooms I had in mind. The first is the room on the first floor being used as an office, and the second was the kids playroom in the second floor that was completely unused. The office is a darker space but has access to the main living area. Their playroom as you can see has lots of natural light, has built in closets and was virtually empty. It also has access to their bathroom just outside the room. Although it is upstairs and away from the main living area I opted to use this room. My husband removed the 3 long wooden doors off the closets so that the storage would be open and easily accessible to the kids and I used the long doors as tables to create an L-Shape working surface. I have 4 small folding tables holding the closet doors in place.

An unused leather storage bench provided ample seating, and old recycled empty class jars, containers and tins are used to hold markers, colored pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, beads, tape and other arts and craft items. In the closet I hung an unused shoe holder and placed some wicker baskets and an old table to create some organization within the space. I also placed a wicker basket full of some art, craft and science books that could provide some inspiration, information or motivation to begin various projects  In the closet holds all types of paper, coloring, sticker and workbooks, various paints, and knitting and sewing items, along with their loomband case.   

On the wall to the right of the closet I stuck a piece of sticky chalkboard paper. And have some additional shelving and toy bin which eventually I would like to find another home for as it doesn't really belong in this room now. In the end I spent zero dollars on this project and created a great space for the kids to work in. The best part is that this room does not always need to be clean. Things can stay out and the room can get messy and will be out of sight. That being said any space can be a great project space as long as you make it open and accessible to your kids.

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