Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Drum Roll Please

After much careful consideration, prayer, and research I have finally decided to place Ameera this upcoming September in the Waldorf School in Luxembourg. The Waldorf methods philosophy holds true to many of the ideals I strongly believe in in Education including religous values. The school itself is a non-English speaking school, in preschool and Kindergarden they speak Luxembourgish, then in First grade classes are conducted entirely in German, and some classes are conducted entirely in French. But French will not be the main spoken language until Ameera reaches secondary school, which we will probably not be around for. While I am aware that doing this will pose many difficulties in the beginning, I feel fairly certain that placing her in this type of environment will force her to adapt, and integrate quickly into the community and allow her to make friends and communicatewith those who are native to the country. This decision did not come lightly, and homeschooling will always remain an option, but given my sudden change of plans I feel that this is the best option for now. I would love to hear of anyones experiances with Waldorf schools.