Saturday, February 1, 2014

Our New Home

A couple of months ago, we received the news that we would be leaving Luxembourg and moving to Dubai. It was a bittersweet news. Although I was ready to move on, I fell in love with Luxembourg and wasn't quite ready to leave. Then of course all the stress of finding a new home, new school and new friends settled in and weighed heavily upon me. But as an expat these are the realities of everyday life. You move a lot and you have to build a new life at the drop of a hat.

We decided it would be best to go to the USA for a month or so to spend time with family before the new transition, which I believe is really important for young kids if you travel, or move around a lot. Kids need security and need to feel grounded, and being with loved ones is an easy way to help kids build strength for big change. We have been in Dubai for almost a month now, and adjusting to a new country is always difficult, but it was easier than the first move. We were able to make a friend or two within the first few weeks which always makes one feel more settled. So far the kids have not expressed any moving woes which I am very grateful for, although Ameera does usually ask when her Luxembourg friends will visit and says how much she misses them.

The main issue I had so far here was choosing a school for Ameera. She had an amazing experience at the Waldorf school and I wanted to continue her Alternative education, so I opted to send her to another Alternative School that is Waldorf Inspired but uses the Oak Meadow Curriculum. The mainstream schools did not sit well with me when I went to visit them mainly because it seemed overwhelming and not what we as a family are used to. As Ameera becomes older the decision of her educational path becomes more difficult for me, but I feel confident that the path we are on is the right one inshallah.