Monday, July 23, 2012

Living in Lux

Today is the beginning of my 3rd week here in Luxembourg, and how fast everything happened I cant even believe it. The funny thing is is that I thought I would have alot more mixed emotions about this move than I am actually having. Strangely, I feel comfortable and at ease. Ameera has transitioned nicely, surprisingly, and she seems quite happy here and is excited about starting her new school in September. Noah is happy anywhere so I didnt have to worry about him. We are staying in an apartment hotel in Luxembourg CIty until our house hunting comes to an end....unfortunately, house hunting here is very slow, the market is fast and houses go before you can even make your appointment to see them. The country is historic and beautiful and I feel very grateful to be living here. Most people speak English, so it has not been as hard as I thought it would be communicating with people. Our lifestlyle however has changed somewhat, we have no car for the time being so we walk everywhere mostly exploring the new and old city, shopping, and buying groceries.

Life in Lux is much simpler than it is in the US, people enjoy more free time, work hard but less hours, kids go to school less hours and begin academics later in age. People are friendly, communities are well kept, and there is lush greenery, cows, forests, and castles wherever you turn your head. Views are breathtaking, its almost overwhelming in a good sense, to know that all this World is out there and you have only been living in such a small part of it. I walk around in awe most days, but have been very comfortable and at home in this country thus far. I go out with the kids every single day to become familiar with my surroundings and to get used to taking buses and speaking with people in their native language, which is 3 languages here but I stick with the French. And the little French I know I try to use on a daily basis, which helps me learn. I have even made a few aquantainces at the park here, where there are many moms who have recently moved from the US or the UK and are always willing to share their stories, frustrations, and mostly help out those who are new here.

My current internet connection here is terrible but I plan to post alot more very soon.